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Groupe Europe-Chine-Afrique S.A. was established in September, 1992 and registered in Paris, France with the capital 1 000 000.00 France Franc (152 449.00 Euros). The board of directors consists of 3 senior managers and 7 shareholders. The general manager, who is appointed by the board of directors, is fully responsible for the all operations of the company. Importation and exportation of linen raw materials, linen finished products, and investment of real estate are mainly business scope of GECA S.A.

Aiming at European market, G.E.C.A. S.A. has got good relations with both raw materials providers in different European countries and suppliers of finished products in Asia. In a short time, Groupe Europe-Chine-Afrique S.A. developed rapidly and increased the capital to 1 600 000.00 France Franc (243 918.00 Euros) at the end of the year 1997. From its beginning to the end of the year 2003, the average turnover of the company is above 6,000,000.00 Euros.

Textile equipments, linen raw materials, linen yarns and linen fabrics are our principal business in recent years. We provide superior European linen raw materials with relative low price to many Asian mills and sell linen yarns and linen fabrics, which are processed by those mills, in Europe. Because of our excellent service and goodwill, we have gained competitive advantages compared to other similar kind companies in Europe. We look forward to further cooperation and mutual development with our suppliers and clients.


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